Writing Snippet

Due to a short depressive state I managed to put myself in, I didn’t do any work on developing a story, or planning a post for this week.  So, instead of just not posting anything, I have for you all a bit of writing I did! I have no recollection what it pertained to, but I figured it was still worth posting. Please enjoy, and I’ll see you all mext week!

What is it you’re searching for?

The dreams speak-what do they say?

Hark, to the words of voiceless whispers

It calls

From some place beyond time and scope

It calls

The storm came swiftly.  Without more warning than a single, world-spread roll of thunder that could be felt deep below the soil.  The earth cried out and the sky answered in its torrent.  Rain came down in heavy sheets, soaking everything in mere seconds.  The river swelled and tossed about in fits too big for its boundaries, spilling out and flooding the plains surrounding it.  The inhabitants of the plains fled from the downpour and hide under rocks and the few trees that dotted the landscape.  The horror of the dark skies would give birth to green pastures and crystalline waters.  They had but to survive the nightmare to wake into the dream.



I am probably the world’s worst blog titler. Anyway, I thought I would just talk about something simple today but still something that I find interesting enough to post about.

I received a challenge on Twitter from a good friend of mine last week. He challenged me to write a story using no more 1,000 words. My first thought was, “I cannot write short stories! I am way too longwinded with my descriptions.” But, I thought more about it, and as I did, I came to realize that a challenge like this would be an interesting way to practice my writing skills and learn to limit myself to only what is necessary in storytelling.

It’s never a bad idea to change your style once in a while! Whether it’s writing, art, fashion, whatever, changing the way you do things can open your eyes and mind to some pretty fantastic things.  So, maybe limiting a word count will open my eyes to a new approach to my current writing style!  It can also help me get rid of this weird phase I’ve been stuck in where I just can’t seem to write anything of substance down.

I am accepting his challenge. I’m pretty sure he’ll be pleased to know that. But, I’m going to take this challenge a little further by building the ideas and the plot first and really try to make it a “real” story. I’m going to blog about it every other week starting with this post here, as well. I want to learn to be a better writer, but I also want to share what I learn with others in the hopes I can teach a bit of my own ways. And, what better way to teach than by showing a firsthand example of how to do something!

It could be interesting. Let’s all see what kind of story I can come up with!

Writing Exercise: Journaling

Writing Exercise:  Journaling

I’ve been searching high and low for things to keep my brain sharp and my processing flowing, and in my search, I rediscovered something I hadn’t done since I was fresh out of high school. ¬†Journaling.

Journaling!  How could I forget such a great method of mental exercise and decluttering?  It was the perfect way to vent my frustrations without confrontation and-while at the time unbeknownst to me-it was a great to build and strengthen my vocabulary and storytelling skills.  Back then, journaling was a secret thing for me.  I hid my journal, thus hiding my feelings and stories of my life from the rest of the world.

As an adult, journaling is a bit different.¬† My entries aren’t as private, though I do vent quite a bit here and there. ¬†I also don’t necessarily write only about the type of day I had and who made me upset. ¬†I write about the weather, food I ate, how the air outside feels, random thoughts in my head, even how I feel physically. ¬†I write things out in more detail and really put effort into descriptive phrases-as though I’m writing a story. ¬†I feel that it’s really helped a lot in helping sort out a bunch of this mental dust in the creative spaces of my brain.

As I’ve been journaling for a little while now, and am starting to reap its benefits, I feel comfortable handing out some advice on how you can get started and be able to have an expansive and interesting thing that you might even be proud to share–unless you want to keep it private, then, by all means, do so.

  1. Date your entries. ¬†It’s just something so you can have a stamp on when things happen, and how you feel. ¬†Plus, for me, I’m really bad at remembering when things happen to me, so I like to have dates to remind me.
  2. Be informal. ¬†Don’t start every entry like “Dear Diary” or whatever. ¬†To me, that always causes me to pause and think about how to start. ¬†Instead, write the first word that comes into your head, and the rest will just sort of fall out.
  3. Write about anything and everything! ¬†What’s it look like outside your window? ¬†Is your view of a busy street? ¬†Is there a giant tree right outside that birds love to sing in? ¬†Do you have a headache and are super exhausted and kind of just want to punch someone in the eyeball so they feel your pain? ¬†These are all fantastic topics to write about!
  4. Doodling in your journal is a super-cool thing to do. ¬†If you’re at a loss for words, doodle something! ¬†Anything, honestly. ¬†It can even be a little scribbly circle that is completely nonsensical. ¬†Doesn’t matter. ¬†The point is, to put something down on paper with that pen or pencil.
  5. Don’t worry if you skip days journaling. ¬†If it’s been a day or two, fine, but do keep in mind that it’s an exercise and you should try to do it regularly to keep up your strength and growth.
  6. Do you type? ¬†Then, handwrite your journal! ¬†It’s really good to switch up your methods. ¬†It won’t feel as monotonous if you do things differently. ¬†Plus, that difference will separate your work from your leisure in a really simple way.
  7. Have fun with it! ¬†Write about things you enjoy, opinions on things, ANYTHING. ¬†It’s your journal, it’s a representation of all the happenings in your brainspace. ¬†Nothing is off limits for you, especially enjoyment. ¬†If it stresses you out to journal, then you need to take some time to chill, for real, dude.

August 2017 Goals

It’s that time of month again! ¬†You know, that time where I give myself goals that for some reason, I can never quite achieve. ¬†LOL. ¬†Yeah! ¬†Here we go!!

August Goals

  1. 2,000 words in Shards of Reverence and/or complete outline
  2. Complete one new art piece
  3. Work out on day a week for 30 minutes
  4. 160 Instagram followers
  5. 80 Twitter followers
  6. Explore more (bring that camera everywhere!)
  7. Make weekly schedule
  8. Perfect daily goal-keeping habits
  9. Fix up desk
  10. Start a new writing project
  11. Start plans for twice-weekly blog posts


I’m so ambitious this month! ¬†:O ¬†While i’m not nearly as productive as I’d like to be, this year has been a pretty good one as far as laying out the groundwork for being a very productive person. ¬†I’m still making an effort, and I’m trying to grow as a creator, so even if these goals aren’t met, just knowing that I’m putting in the work is enough for me.

Untitled Poem

I have yet to share even a morsel of my writing here, and to combat that, I’m going to share a poem I found on the bottom of my Google Docs list! ¬†I completely forgot it existed, and while I don’t often share my poetry (mostly because I hate it, but partly because there’s personal meanings behind a lot of it), I figured I would share this. ¬†Please, enjoy!


I felt myself falling…


Dragged down by the weight of my burden

Deeper into an ocean of blackness.

Despair drowned me.

Hopelessness blinded me,

My cries deafening.

I had no strength left to struggle;

I had lost.


But then…


Something touched me.

A slight warmth on my skin that grew and

Buried itself deep down and squeezed at my heart.

Blackness turned to golden light

And angels sang as you embraced me.

My tears dried, and the bottom of this ocean

Opened up to the sky as we flew.


You gave me hope again.

You gave me life again.

I just wish you were here to see that,

I wish you would come back.

Book Progress; Shards of Reverence


I finally get to brag a little about making progress on some actual writing!  You know, the thing that is supposed to be the main focus of this blog?  HELL YEAH!

Anyway. ¬†I’m co-writing Shards of Reverence with one of my best friends, Victoria Foster (who doesn’t currently have a running blog, but is working on some things), and we’re still in the outlining phase, but we have been making great strides with organizing our information so that we can just write like the wind when it’s ready.

We took advice from a mutual favorite guru, Jenna Moreci, and her method of outlining.  Let me tell you, it has SAVED us!  We can see things in such a way that makes everything so clear and concise.

Not only is it a super-helpful method, it also looks really cool! ¬†I feel like I’m such a pro. ¬†B-)

Here are the links to Jenna’s outlining videos. ¬†The method is a two-parter!

How to Outline: Part 1

How to Outline: Part 2

Writers Have Superheroes Too!

There are days where my motivation, creativity, and drive are all a bit lackluster. ¬†I think it’s safe to say that there are moments in every writer’s life that this happens. ¬†Some of us are amazing at finding our way through it, while others-like myself-could use a little help now and then.

That is where author vloggers come in! ¬†They’re like snarky superheroes filled with great sagely advice on how to get off your ass and get back to work. ¬†I watch a few of them often. ¬†Sometimes even just for fun!

Oh yeah, author vloggers are wonderful people who post videos on Youtube, discussing topics pertaining to writing.  Pretty sure the name was self-explanatory, but sometimes people need a little extra help.

One of my favorites is a woman named Jenna Moreci. ¬†She’s smart, witty, snarky, and always has some really great tips on how to do things, and how to get back to work. ¬†She’s like that coach that actually helped get you motivated. ¬†Not one of those “Everybody’s a winner” types. ¬†Jenna is all about, “Get off your ass, you sissy, and GET TO WORK!”¬†Here is Jenna’s Youtube channel!¬† Jenna has also written a great book that you should check out, as well. ¬†Go buy her book, and support them indie authors!

Another author vlogger that I’ve grown quite fond of is Vivien Reis. ¬†She’s just as passionate as Jenna, but a bit more…mellow? ¬†If those two were good cop, bad cop, she’d be good cop. ¬†I’m still new to her fandom, but she has some great advice on a lot of subjects. ¬†Jenna and Vivien’s videos often compliment each other, and I take bits from both of them to strengthen my own techniques. ¬†Here is Vivien’s Youtube channel!¬† She has her book on her website, so go…HERE¬†¬†¬†to read it!

I think it’s important as writers, to have people we can look to for advice on the things we need help with. ¬†We’re writers, we all need help in some way, shape, or form. ¬†We’re all part of this great big community, and it’s crucial to support and empower everyone, so that we ALL can grow and become better at what we do! ¬†So, go have a look at these guys, and if there are author vloggers/bloggers out there that help you, leave some links in some comments here, and I would love to give them a look!